Pune: Global professional services firm, ZS, announced that Pratap Khedkar has been appointed by the firm’s leadership to the position of CEO (Chief Executive Officer), effective immediately. Prior to being appointed as the CEO, Pratap was head of the ZS’s global biopharmaceuticals and healthcare ecosystem disciplines.

Khedkar has held various leadership roles during his 21 years with ZS. Khedkar has led the firm’s global pharmaceuticals and biotechnology practice for nearly a decade, driving growth and market penetration across both established and emerging companies.

Pratap Khedkar
Pratap Khedkar

While heading up the firm’s advanced data science group, he and 250 data scientists helped integrate AI-enabled solutions across many business areas. He’s recently turned his attention to expanding the firm’s healthcare expertise to help clients establish deeper relationships and more effective partnerships across the healthcare ecosystem to improve health outcomes, emphasize a better patient experience and address health disparities.

Khedkar holds a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Bachelor of Technology degree in computer science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, and started his career at NASA

Khedkar is ZS’s third CEO in 40 years. ZS founders Andris A. Zoltners and Prabhakant Sinha devised a peer-election system to assure cultural continuity and elevate leaders who reflect the company’s commitment to strategy, innovation, and client engagement.

“Pratap is assuming this role at ZS during an exciting period of development and change. The firms we work with are increasingly turning to us to recognize, advise, and adapt to the next significant upheavals in their respective industries. I’m optimistic that, with Pratap’s guidance, the finest days at ZS are yet ahead of us.”

Chris Wright
former CEO, ZS

“Chris has done a tremendous job during his tenure as CEO, and I’ll be leaning on his knowledge and guidance in the months and years ahead,” Pratap Khedkar said. “His greatest legacy is preserving the culture that our founders worked so hard to create. His emphasis on continually investing in our people has ‘kept the magic alive,’ as he’s been known to say.”

As principal emeritus, Chris will be linked with ZS for the next five years, focusing on the initiatives he is most passionate about.

Khedkar along with 250 data scientists helped integrate AI-enabled products across several business domains at ZS. To enhance the quality of care, patient experience, and health disparities, he has recently focused on expanding the firm’s healthcare expertise. This is an addition to the revered list of Indian-origin CEOs helming major global organizations.

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