Pune : Happiness means different things to different people. Yet, somehow its
roots are always deeply connected to a happy coming-together of the mind, body and soul that is Swakaya.

“This fundamental harmony of elements is something that everyone should have access to, and I was determined to bring it to a platform that would be welcoming to all!”

Lipi Khemka
Founder Director

Lipi firmly believes that this comprehensive healing of the body, mind and soul shouldn’t ever be a luxury that one cannot afford. Lipi Khemka considers herself a regular modern social woman, balancing her home and work with ease! And yet, she had to face adversities head-on.

She faced various life-altering challenges throughout her journey when she experienced the incredible power of alternative healing therapies and all-encompassing treatment options while aiming to find balance.

Her passion for creating a place where ‘no questions go unanswered’ and where health is a pivotal priority led to the birth of Swakaya, a centre where the benefits she reaped will touch many other lives.

Swakaya, the wellness centre, is based in a beautiful 7,500 sq.ft. setup at Boat Club
Road. It intends to put together the essence of natural healing techniques, ancient
therapies and modern alternative healing initiatives. This centre will open shortly for all Puneites to experience it shortly.

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