Pune: As part of its philanthropic initiative towards improving rural healthcare in India, Quick Heal Foundation, the CSR arm of Quick Heal Technologies, has made a generous contribution to RSS JankalyanSamiti, Panvel.

In addition, as part of its ‘Arogya Yan’ initiative, Quick Heal has donated a brand-new ambulance to offer better healthcare services to the tribal population living in the Raigad district.

RSS JankalyanSamiti works towards providing healthcare facilities and organizes regular health check-up plans for the underprivileged people in the region.

The donation ceremony was held in the presence of the MD and CEO of Quick Heal Technologies Dr Kailash Katkar, Anupama Katkar, the brain behind Arogya Yan and Quick Heal’s CSR activities, Vitthal Dake (Deputy Commissioner Panvel PMC), Mr Dhairyasheel Jadhav (Assistant Commissioner Panvel PMC), Dr Ravindra Satalkar, RSS JankalyanSamiti Maharashtra State Chairman and Vinayak Dambir, Vice Chairman.

“We at Quick Heal Technologies have always been committed to giving back to society through various philanthropic initiatives. For example, RSS JankalyanSamiti has played a pivotal role in driving the growth and development of the underserved population residing in the Raigad district. The ambulance helps improve their health and well-being by providing them with medical services on time free of cost, thus reducing their medical expenses in the process. We will continue to make more such contributions towards the betterment of rural communities that lack basic healthcare facilities in their respective regions.”

Dr Kailash Katkar
MD and CEO
Quick Heal Technologies Limited

Quick Heal’s state-of-the-art ‘Arogya Yan’ will serve the tribal population hailing from the Raigad district, including villages and Adivasi hamlets such as Nera, Tower wadi, Dodhani, Satichiwadi, Tamsai, Waghachiwadi, Ransai, Dhamani, MaldungeSavansai, Chinchavali, and Gadeshwar.

“The shortage of basic healthcare facilities has been a significant issue to India’s rural population. However, with contributions like these, we can slowly but surely ensure better health services to these underprivileged masses while also enabling doctors to serve patients better. We want to thank Quick Heal for this generous donation and for helping us achieve our vision of improving people’s health and wellbeing, especially in the rural hinterlands of India.”

Dr Ravindra Satalkar
Maharashtra State Chairman
RSS JankalyanSamiti

It will help doctors and patients transport from far-flung areas and give the tribal population in Raigad district access to basic healthcare services like routine check-ups, diagnosis, and treatments. At the same time, the ambulance can also be modified into a mobile clinic unit to serve patients in a clean and hygienic setting and serve as a seamless platform for the storage and dispensing of medicines.

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