Gurugram: Mitsubishi Electric has been consistent in understanding its customers’ Air Conditioners needs. Mitsubishi Electric is a premium brand for Air Conditioning systems for residential, commercial, and industrial use.

The company aims to capture the market and provides its customers with their latest range of Air Conditioning products inverter and non-inverter categories. Its complete Room Air Conditioner (RAC) product range comes with 5-year PCB warranty and 10-year Compressor warranty.

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioners also provides powerful and advanced multistage air filters – Plasma Quad Connect. These filters effectively prevent viruses, bacteria, Molds, allergens, dust & PM2.5 to give you clean and healthy air. It is a high-performance air Purifying device which can even be installed on existing units, contributing to a better air quality in your room.

Kirigamine Series (MSY-RJS): In 2021 Mitsubishi Electric India has expanded tsRAC product line up by launching Japan’s most popular Kirigamine Series as 4 Star Inverter (MSY-RJS) in India. This complete range is being introduced considering the need for premium products with Designer Look to enhance overall aesthetics of your room.

Kirigamine has been named after the famous summer resorts in the Suwa City of Japan. Kirigamine Highlands is an eminent &a popular spot with a splendid view of Suwa City in Nagano.

With this product, the company will continue to dedicate itself to delivering refreshing comforts for all customers, enabling them to feel as they are in the appealing Kirigamine Highlands.

Aesthetically advanced 4-star inverter AC MSY-RJS provides Clean Air with PM2.5 Filter, Fast Cooling, and Long Airflow for large rooms. It comes with Dual Barrier Coating that prevents dust and greasy dirt from getting into the Air Conditioner Which makes its maintenance easier and Blue Fin for outdoor condenser, which protects the condenser against corrosion from air, water, and other corrosives. MSY-RJS will be available for purchase at selective retail & modern retail outlets across India.

MSY JS Series: MSY-JS series is a 4-star inverter AC that is strong in cooling and big on savings. With built-in features like, Fast Cooling provided just at the click of a button, Long Airflow up to 12m suitable for living rooms, PM2.5 Filter#, Auto Up Down & L-R vane providing a comfortable environment.

MS-GS Series: MS-GS Series, a non-Inverter AC, comes with advanced Tropical technology in compressors which have made it possible for Air Conditioners to operate at outside air temperatures as high as 50°C.

This series has been specially designed keeping in mind, homes in the tropical regions. The series also provides High CFM which helps in faster cooling, and anti-corrosion coating on AC coil bends helps in preventing leakage of refrigerant from the ACs and PM2.5 filter that provides clean air inside the room.

MS-GS Series and MSY-JS Series will be available for purchase at exclusive showrooms – Hiroba and Cooling Planet and authorized Channel Partners.

“Capitalizing on our century-old experience and expertise in understanding customer needs, we are delighted to bring our latest range of Room Air Conditioners for 2021. Our advanced inverter technologies have enabled us to achieve powerful and desired cooling comfort without compromising on energy efficiency. With the launch of Kirigamine models in India, we are here to celebrate the comfort of Kirigamine Highlands in India”.

Naohiko Hosokawa
Director and Business Unit Head, Living Environment Division
Mitsubishi Electric India Pvt Ltd

“Most of the technology is indigenous to Mitsubishi Electric, and has been developed with precision and based on our vast experience across Globe. The experience is not just about the technology but also about the various seasonal changes a tropical country like India witnesses,” he added.

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