Pune: To help the youth find better career prospects in the Maritime sector, the Maritime Research Centre (MRC), Pune and M/S NirDhwani Technology Pvt Ltd (NDT) will offer summer internship opportunities to students and young professionals from all across the country.

MRC is a not for profit technology driven think tank working on progressing the Underwater Domain Awareness (UDA) Framework and its efforts include policy advocacy, promotion of Science & Technology (S&T) and capacity and capability building for generating effective human resource.

The Maritime Research Centre internship will range from six weeks, eight weeks, six months and one year based on the academic curriculum of the academic institutions and also on the interest of the student and project requirement.

However, in view of the pandemic, the internships at MRC/NDT will be held online and participants will be able to continue to reside in their preferred location and work in online mode.

“The SAGAR vision and the corresponding mega projects by the Government, namely Sagarmala, Inland Water Transport, Water Resource Management, Deep Sea Mining, Enhanced Fisheries and Sustainable Blue Economy are generating massive career opportunities for the Indian youth. However due to lack of awareness, such massive contracts are being driven by foreign companies hiring their manpower.”

Dr (cdr) Arnab Das
Founder & Director MRC

“Our internship will provide several benefits to the students which will include understanding of the opportunities in maritime domain, research and project based learning to encourage thinking skills to appreciate real world problem solving in the domain and to handle new problems in future, interaction with industry captains, senior government officials, stakeholder reps, domain experts and diverse hands-on exposure to broaden their horizon among other knowledge.”

To apply, the candidates can directly get in touch on MRC website and also by clicking on this link.

“MRC/NDT internships are being offered since 2017. Right from undergraduate to post graduate and also PhD students have been working with us on multi-disciplinary project ideas. Till date over 200 students and young professional from various institutes across the country have undergone the UDA internship programs of varied duration,” Dr Arnab said.

To be eligible, the candidates should be at least in their third year graduation program with basic understanding of their core subjects. Candidates are required to submit a detailed Statement of Purpose ((SoP) along with their CV through which their attitude and passion will be evaluated. There will also be a brief interaction with the mentor prior confirmation of the internship.

After the completion of the program, the meritorious participants will be offered UDA Project Fellowship (one semester) and UDA Research Fellowships (over one year) with a stipend. They will also be offered with a certificate and a letter of appreciation with clear mention of the project undertaken and deliverables.

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