Little Millennium, launched an all-new concept in learning, ‘Blended Learning’, an uninterrupted learning program, virtual today and physical tomorrow.

This is a strategic initiative from one of the leading chains of preschools with over 750 centers across 150 cities, in the wake of the emerging situation post Covid-19 where India is still healing and needs a viable and flexible solution in pre-school learning, that is safe, sustainable and seamless till the time pre-schools resume operations like before.

Blended Learning Program is for those parents who wish to engage their children in productive activities, but limit their screen time as it engages children through both synchronous and asynchronous teaching strategies.

This means that when children learn and do face-to-face classroom activities they are assisted with computer mediated activities. A seamless merger of these two methodologies ensures that teaching is uninterrupted, focuses on multiple skill development areas, and follows a structured routine.

Children can have a joyful positive screen time in a Live format as you are guided at every step. In sum, it’s a great combination of learning and developing human relationship with technology.

The entire online timetable is an eclectic mix of curricular and co-curricular activities viz. Story yoga, prayer of gratitude, singing rhymes, solving puzzles, reading stories, learning the alphabets and numbers and much more.

The resources that are being made available are aligned to the Little Millennium’s Seven Petal Curriculum that focuses on seven key areas of development and are built to engage the child to provide a holistic learning.

Personal Awareness and Cognitive Skills, Socio Emotional Skills and Imagination, Confidence Building and Gross Motor Skills — lesson plans for these development areas, are now newly designed so that the child’s developmental milestones are met.

To supplement the preschool learning, Little Millennium preschools provide a fun learning Student Kit, which consists of books, learning aids and activities to keep the child engaged and ensure continuous learning at home.

“Parents are worried about their children’s education as the lockdown and pandemic has resulted in the closure of preschools across the country. Little Millennium has advocated the importance of early childhood education since several years. We believe that 0-6 years are the magic years in a child’s life, as 90 per cent of brain development happens during these years. If not given due care, children may miss reaching their full potential, so the learning must continue. Blended Learning ensures that every activity is linked to learning objectives and supports the child’s needs across all seven areas of development.

Raman Bajaj
Chief Executive Officer
Little Millennium

“Our research and parent surveys revealed that over 90 per cent parents feel that early childhood learning in a virtual mode is significantly better than no learning at all. Children are actively engaged and progressing towards their development milestones. The structure and routine provided by the online classes is hugely beneficial.”

“Children are developing socio-emotional skills through peer connect and teacher connect. And screen time is being used constructively to facilitate movement and activities away from the screen. Hence our Blended Learning approach is not aimed at replacing the preschool, it is aimed at making the preschool experience robust, expansive and progressive using technology as a medium, where needed. It’s like enjoying learning from the best of education experts at home safely and comfortably,” he added.

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