New Delhi: Akamai Technologies is looking for young and dynamic B2B startups in India working across multiple domains such as Enterprise Security, IoT security and analytics, 5G, Media Security, Adtech, and Gaming. Startups selected under the Akamai Open Innovation Program will be offered a $10000 cash grant and other incentives.

Incentives for Selected Startups

  • USD 10,000 equity-free cash grant to each startup selected after pitch round
  • Proof of Concept with Akamai Technologies
  • Global Connects
  • Joint GTM Opportunity
  • Marketing Knowledge and Mentorship

Akamai Startup Collaboration program aims to leverage external ecosystems to drive Akamai’s strategic priorities. Collaboration with Startup India aims to scout startups that are most relevant to solutions Akamai is looking for.

Eligibility Criteria:

B2B startups with a few enterprise logos as customers

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Problem Statement



  • Game streaming
  • In-game acceleration
  • Game hosting


  • SSP (Supply side platform)
  • SSAI (Server side ad insertion)

Media Security:

  • DRM (Digital rights management)
  • Watermarking


  • Real Time Streaming
  • API Technology Edge Compute Technology Social Media (eg. fast file uploads)
  • Machine Learning in Media


  • Network Security for Operators and their customers using DNS and other elements. These solutions would include parental controls for the end user, secure business using malware detection etc.
  • Network detect and response providers (traffic profiling and anomaly detection


  • Secure connectivity of IoT devices globally using solutions such as DNS, VPN, eSIM and provisioning .
  • IoT data stream and Analytics on the cloud for information exchange.


  • Mobile Edge and Orchestration
  • 5G private networks
Enterprise Security

DLP (Data Leakage Prevention)

CASB (Cloud access security broker)

Anomalous behaviour detection:

  • Detect and trigger investigations based on anomalous events (with a focus on authentication and making intelligent decisions)
  • E.g. If an employee on notice period plugs in a USB drive to copy data, download contracts from Salesforce, etc. If someone in Legal team logs into a finance DB. If someone in Finance ran security tools from their machine.

Behavioral biometrics and analytics for user authentication / fraud detection

Unique approach to bot or application attack traffic.

Network detect and response providers (traffic profiling and anomaly detection)

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