Pune: World Resources Institute India (WRI India), AIC Sangam and Startup India are jointly hosting ‘The Land Accelerator – South Asia’, a four-month program, anchored by a six-day workshop for agri startups and entrepreneurs working towards restoring land (farms and forests).

Click here to apply now | April 15, 2021 is the application end date!

Who can apply?

The Land Accelerator is considering applications from a very broad array of agri startups in India that are supporting land restoration in various ways. There are innumerable ways that entrepreneurs are improving land. The partial list of some business models that are recognized as restoring land:

  • IOT smart agriculture soil monitoring
  • Smart irrigationWater conservation
  • Agro-forestry, silvopasture
  • Organic land amendments
  • Non-timber forest products
  • Sustainably produced forest products
  • Tree planting – plantations
  • Tree planting – native species or interspersing commercial trees and native trees
  • Fruit trees, productive trees, interplanting with other crops or native tree species
  • Specific plantings that restore land or fight desertification (i.e. bamboo brings moisture to soil and builds humus; cashew plantations protect against soil erosion, contribute to increasing soil fertility and create a cooler microclimate.)
  • Urban forestry
  • Bee keeping
  • Livelihoods through forest conservation or products
  • Conservation agriculture techniques and consulting
  • Rejuvenating forests, agrarian landscapes, waterways, coastal and marine ecosystems, soils, wetlands (including peatlands and mangroves) as well as marine systems through new and smart green methods.
  • Sustainable Energy-Water solution for medium to large scale irrigation
  • Preserving agroecology:
  • Promoting crop biodiversity (different kind of plantation), controlling soil erosion, reducing nutrient runoff and supporting pollinators (bees/wasps etc.) and other beneficial insects and other biodiversity.
  • Integrated pest management (IPM)
  • Organic Farming, minimising chemicals
  • Adopting agroforestry practices
  • Commercialising value-added forest to encourage communities to grow such produce on larger forest tracks (Custard Apple, Tamarind, Indian Blackberry etc.)
  • Startups offering some financial solutions to those practicing sustainable farming systems, landscape restoration etc. Biofertilisers/organic polymers to restore barren and dry lands by preserving nutrients and water for practicing profitable cultivation.
  • Building and maintaining healthy soil
If you are not sure, you are still encouraged to apply.

Benefits of applying:

  • No registration costs, free program participation
  • Receive a grant of € 3,000 at successful completion of the program
  • Free travel and accommodation in New Delhi during 6 days in-person workshop
  • Focussed handholding for women entrepreneurs
  • Customized curriculum related to land restoration
  • Peer learning with other entrepreneurs
  • Connect with mentors who can help you scale
  • Pitch your business to investors at Demo Day

A four-month curated program, the Land Accelerator trains and supports entrepreneurs working towards restoring land (farms and forests) by planting trees, boosting crop yields and introducing innovative technologies.

The Land Accelerator builds networks and gives entrepreneurs time to increase their skills in storytelling and pitching so that they can connect with debt and equity funders who can help them reach the next level.

Through expert mentorship, participants explore new ways of maximizing their business models so that they can compete and grow their customer base, revenue, and environmental impact.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Company should be incorporated in a South Asian country (India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Maldives.
  • Company should be incorporated/ registered as per respective country guidelines
  • Should have a working prototype/ service model with users on ground
  • At/ post validation stage startups

Fiscal Incentives

Receive a grant of € 3,000 at successful completion of the program

Procedure Post Submission

  • Interview Calls with shortlisted participants – May 2021
  • Announcement of Cohort – June 15, 2021

Contact details:

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