Mumbai: Indiabulls Dhani app has started distribution of 25 Lakh Free Covid Care Health kits worth Rs. 90 crores that will benefit 50 Lakh adults. Each COVID Care Health kit has preventive medicines for 2 persons.

Dhani is a digital app-based business of healthcare by the Indiabulls Group.

This kit has been packaged as per the recommendation by the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and will be helpful in the initial preventive care of Covid 19. The kit consists of a monthly course of medicines that help boost one’s immunity through Vitamin C, Vitamin D3, Zinc and Paracetamol in case of fever or body ache.

Families, who would like to take the benefit of this initiative, can go on the Dhani app or log on to and place their order for free. Further, Dhani is offering free video calls with doctors and specialists round the clock and one can access the doctor on video call within 15 seconds.

“This kit will help boost immunity and if any individual develops any symptom such as fever, cough or throat infection could start using these medicines as an early care for Covid. Families can also connect with a Dhani doctor for free video consultations for any guidance.”

Nikhil Chari
President, Dhani Healthcare

Adding to this Dr. Smita Dash, Chief Medical Officer – Dhani Healthcare says, “This kit is not a substitute for Covid care but will help in the initial preventive care for Covid and will boost immunity to fight all viral infections.”

The initiative is called ‘Dhani Aapke Saath’ and to further support this initiative, Dhani has also made its panel of doctors available for free consultations anytime, day or night through video calling doctors on Dhani App.

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