Pune: Santosh Gannavarapu (Chief Growth Officer at Merkle Sokrati), Gaurav Chattur (MD at Catenon), Suruchi Wagh (Chief Product Officer at Jombay) and Mohit Gundecha (CEO at Jombay) were recently trying to find a ventilator for their colleague Jatin in Pune whose SPO2 levels were at 70. While the patient was gasping for air, they used all their connections but felt helpless! There were huge waitlists and despite all ‘connections’ they found it hard to get a bed.

These are trying times for all of us in India. Although the number of SOS messages on social media platforms have slightly dipped in the past couple of days, medical experts have warned that India will face the third severe wave of Covid19 cases very soon. Apparently, 80 per cent of the coronavirus infection cases in India are being treated at private hospitals. But most private hospitals, especially smaller ones, are unable to get the required funds to become Covid-ready.

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One such private hospital, Ashraya Hospital located at Wakad in Pune city of Maharashtra, is being run by Cornell University-educated Dr K T Mohan. He is working tirelessly to equip his patients to combat Covid, but he needs your help to add crucial equipment such as ventilators, BiPAP, oxygen concentrators in order to make it Covid-ready.

Mohit Gundecha
Mohit Gundecha, CEO at Jombay

Says Mohit, “In times of such need, we always reach out to Dr K T Mohan to seek help. We realized that his facility, Ashraya Hospital, which could carry 35 beds was not fully functional due to lack of funds. In spite of that, he kept providing tips on how to handle the situation. We did finally find a bed with a ventilator at around 7 pm at a small hospital, thus giving Jatin a ray of hope.”

Dr KT Mohan, as a ground-level worker during Covid Crisis, is trying his best to unblock bottlenecks. He has started a dedicated 35 bed Government approved Covid hospital in Wakad two weeks ago, but just like other small hospitals, it requires funds for staff and upgrade of equipment.

Says Mohit, “We realized the pressing moment at this hour is to facilitate every small hospital with adequate supplies and equipment so that infrastructure could be created to cater to the rising needs of COVID patients. We humbly request all netizens to contribute and enable Ashraya Hospital to be fully functional. Your contribution will go a long way to save another Jatin!”

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