New Delhi: Comviva, a global leader of mobility solutions catering to ‘The Business of Tomorrows’, is a subsidiary of Tech Mahindra and a part of the $21 billion Mahindra Group. The Comviva InnoNXT Tech Challenge in partnership with Startup India, has invited startups from across India to participate and take on the challenges in the highly emerging areas of Digital, AI/ML, 5G, and FinTech.

All these sectors have seen immense interest, demand, and growth in the last few years. And Comviva, being at the forefront of the emerging technologies, invites new-gen Startups to come along and shape the future.


  • Application Start Date: 15th Mar, 2021. Click here to apply
  • Last Day of Submitting Applications : 26th Apr, 2021
  • Announcement of Top 10 Shortlisted Startups: 3rd May, 2021
  • Demo of the 10 shortlisted Startups – 12th, 13th & 14th May
  • Winner declaration and starting with the cohort – 25th May

Fiscal incentives for 3 winning startups:

  • Winner ~ INR 7,25,000 cash grant
  • 1st Runner up ~ INR 3,60,000 cash grant
  • 2nd Runner up- INR 1,80,000 cash grant

A host of non-fiscal incentives like mentorship, access to productivity tools, market access etc will also be available for the winners.

Comviva InnoNXT Tech Challenge: Problem Statement

Gamification Challenge

Comviva looks to create a gamified experience around its gamut of digital services and offerings. The objective behind this is to add plug & play gamification modules to the Digital Experience Management and Loyalty Management product lines. It shall be able to enhance user engagement, user awareness and user acquisition by providing them a sense of accomplishment, competitiveness and gratification.

Personal Finance Manager

With so many accounts/cards/wallet choices today, consumers expect to seamlessly manage all their finances in one place. We are looking to create an easy and intuitive white-labeled solution for consumers to monitor, control and optimize their personal finances, which can be easily integrated with our fintech products like digital banking or digital wallet platform. Personal Finance Manager as a market is quite mature as of today but we would like to invite your innovative ideas to achieve the same business objectives.

Conversational AI platform

The tech-savvy consumers of today want to solve all their problems and want answers to all their questions quickly just from a click of a button. But how can we make that possible for every consumer and every different application or platform today? How about a virtual assistant that leverages NLP to understand what the consumer is looking for and gives an instant and intelligent solution for the same. Yes we are looking for a white-labeled conversational AI platform that can be used across our products to provide our consumers a fast, convenient and effortless experience for any queries that they may have.

Customer Engagement through Vernacular Voice bots

With the surge in digital devices and increasing internet penetration, brands are now experimenting with newer interfaces for customer engagement. While the pandemic era has challenged the typical brick and mortar business model, brands are increasingly adopting digital technology beyond the tried and tested email and chatbot mediums to reach out and service their customers satisfactorily. The key drivers are increased spikes in volumes, escalations, higher turnaround times, anxiety and lack of enough services providing digital experience catering to all age groups and services addressing all age groups and changing paradigms.

Rich media content categorization in 5G

As 5G network evolves, it facilitates images, videos, and documents delivery as RCS messages to mobile handsets. The 2G/3G and 4G network constitutes lots of SMS fraudulent activities which are adhered to with the help of messaging firewall that processes both signal level filtering and content filtering. Similarly, for 5G traffic fraud prevention, there is a need for messaging firewall that processes and filters images/videos/documents as part of RCS messages and categories them under various classes. These categories will be used by policies defined on the Firewall platform for filtering of RCS Messages.

Unified Subscription Solution

With an increasing number of digital subscription services and digital footprints of a user, managing their billings, renewals, availing best offers, inter-operability across different digital services, etc. has become increasingly cumbersome. Fintech Services, travel insurance services, digital entertainment services, infotainment services, e-learning services, e-health offerings, utility-based services etc. all need seamless integration and management on a real-time basis. Comviva needs an end-to-end platform where a single interface will provide all these services right from promotion to on-boarding to billing.

Digital Advertisement platform

Comviva wants to create a Programmatic Advertisement platform that shall have all the components (SSP, Ad-Exchange, DSP, Ad-server, DMP). Each component shall be able to serve its purpose independently. It shall follow all the GDPR, OpenRTB specifications. Must be capable of integrating with ad platforms of Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. Precise Targeting with a minimum Ad-budget is the primary goal.

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